King of Fruits - Litchi


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Litchi is a tropical fruit native to southern China. It is world famous as "king of fruit", due to its wonderful color, flavor and taste. Bananas, Pineapple and Longan were called jointly "the Four Southern fruits".

Litchi cultivation has a long history from two thousand years ago. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Litchi was offered to the palace as a tribute.

Litchi growing like a bunch of bunch of grapes is hanging on the tree. It is generally ball shape of about one inch size with a thin red crust outside and white, tender and transparent flesh wrapped inside. There is dark brown nuclear in the center. Generally it is mature to harvest during the June-July each year.

In China, the Litchi is often tasted in summer in varied taste ways. The top variety of choices is the cinnamon-taste Litchi and Nuomici. In addition to taste Litchi freshly, dried and made into juice and cook with other food are the good choice.

Litchi flesh is soft and smooth and juicy. It taste sweet and contains trace elements very good for health. Litchi is full of the energy of sugar, vitamin C and protein. It is very helpful for disease resistance also can make the skin smoother.

As the influence of hot weather, the refreshing of litchi is relatively difficult. There are two knacks to note in the Litchi selection. Firstly, fresh Litchi fruit is red or purple, not very bright color. Secondly, the flesh of fresh Litchi is filled and elastic when you squeeze it. The Litchi you chosen follow the knacks above will be very sweet.